FN History

FOCUS Nepal was an effort of leaders and intellectuals from minority community concerned for the educational needs of Nepal and was founded in AD 1985. It was strongly realized NGO and INGO that they need leaders in higher position to sustain the values of the organizations. There is acute of developing professionals and executives from the minority communities.It is the fact that the most of the sectors have always been governed by the higher classes which is against the equity and justice.FOCUS was the first institution formed aiming to develop manpower and leaders from the minority communities empowered for services and developmental tasks of the nation.

A committee of leaders from interchurch members has always managed FOCUS Nepal. During the initial years, the committee was made of limited church members. Its policies did not restrict the specific field of studies to be supported. Later in mid 1992’s the committee was reorganized with wider representation covering all regions of Nepal from major groups from the minority community.

In the beginning partnering abroad organizations took an active part in advisory roles  and advocacy of FOCUS needs to partners. After FOCUS was registered in AD 2004/2005, a new board was elected and on every 4th year Board changed, actively involved to implement the strategic plan in order to facilitate the development of leaders and professionals to meet the challenges of uplifting minority communities for holistic development of the country.